Upcoming Events

The Weekly Seminar during the Winter Semester 2016/2017 will take place on Thursdays at 16:30 from the 03.11. to the 09.02. in the seminar room 1.225 (Cauerstr. 6). The program will appear in the list below.



Guest talk by Prof. Mahesh S Tirumkudulu (Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay, India) with the topic "Cracking in thin colloidal films", 11 a.m., Kurssaal I, Cauerstr. 4, Erlangen.


Tutorial by Prof. Wolfgang Peukert about "Particles in Contact – a Key Issue in Particle Science and Technology" (part 2)
(Start: 8:15)


 Talk by Manuel Johnson with the title "Preparation and characterization of organic thin films grown at the liquid-liquid interface" and Cesar Omar Ramirez Quiroz with the title "Balancing electrical percolation in silver nanowire electrodes for enabling high-performance multijunction silicon– perovskite solar cells". The seminar starts at 5 p.m.


Talk by Shreetu Shrestha with the title "X-ray decetctors based on hybrid organic inorganic perovskites" and Ievgen Levchuk "Design of highly luminescent colloidal metal-halide perovskite nanocrystals for optoelectronic application"

26.01.2017 Non-PI-meeting
19.01.2017 Special seminar related to "In situ nanomechanics", given by Dr. Douglas Stauffer (Hysitron, Inc., USA): Tutorial and Scientific Talk
13.01.2017 Tutorial by Prof. Wolfgang Peukert about "Particles in Contact – a Key Issue in Particle Science and Technology" (part 1)
(Time: 10:30 - 12:00)
10.01.2017 GRK/WW colloquium by Prof. Ute Kaiser (University of Ulm) with the topic "Sharper images with electrons"
15.12.2016 Talk by Markus Meyer with the tilte "STXM investigations of ultrathin polymer films - stoichiometry and degradation"
talk by Simon Kahmann "Characterising Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Applications via Advanced Fourier Transform Spectroscopy"
08.12.2016 Christmas party
01.12.2016 Talk by Johannes Möller with the title "Atomistic Simulations of Straight and Curved Grain Boundary Cracks"
24.11.2016 Talks by Carolin Zenk with the title "Interfaces in TiAl" and Chithira Kartha "Transparent conductive electrodes with nanoparticle ingredients"
17.11.2016 Talk by Benjamin Winter with the title "Quantitative electron tomography for materials research"
03.11.2016 Talks by Torben Schindler with the title "Stabilization of ZnO nanoparticles - from synthesis to functionalization" and Tim Sander with the title "Self-assembly and on-surface synthesis: Molecules on surfaces studied by scanning probe microscopy"
08.11.2016 Special seminar related to "In situ microscopy", given by Prof. Dr. Roland Scheer with the title „Real time in situ X-ray diffraction: Insights into the growth of solar cells“ (begin 5 p.m. in the Bernhard-Ilschner lecture hall (H14), Martensstr. 5/7)